Belkin buying Linksys

Previous reports of Cisco looking to sell its home router division have turned out to be true.

Belkin announced this afternoon that it is planning to acquire Cisco’s home networking business unit, which includes the Linksys brand.

While Belkin will also be grabbing some other products, resources, and employees from Cisco’s home networking group, it maintained that the Linksys name will remain intact.

Belkin also promised to offer support for Linksys products, and guaranteed that it would honor valid warranties for current and future Linksys products.

Linksys will enhance Belkin’s capabilities to meet the needs of OEMs, as well as provide access to a large user base. Belkin and Cisco intend to pursue a strategic relationship focused on a variety of initiatives, including retail distribution, strategic marketing, and products for the service provider market.

Cisco originally purchased the home router company for $500 million in 2003.

After selling or killing off a few other consumer-focused units and products (such as the Flip camcorder), San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco appears to be dedicated to only business and enterprise products.

The buyout is also expected to grow Belkin’s reach considerably. After the transaction closes, Belkin asserted, it will account for approximately 30 percent of the U.S. retail home and small business networking market.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but the merger is expected to be completed by March.


Metals Futures for 2013

( – Copper, gold, palladium, aluminum and silver futures give metal traders an alternative to physically buying and storing the metal. Metal Futures, especially gold, are popular securities among speculators. Whether it is a hedge against inflation, or a speculative play, the precious metals futures can be inviting to invest your money. The precious metals futures market is a place to hedge and speculate.

The US Unemployment increased by 155,000 workers which was in line with expectations. The US Unemployment rate came in at 7.8 % as expected. It is thought that about 12.2 million US citizens could not find work. Underemployed individuals that may be part-time seeking full-time or job hunters may be about 14.4 %. Many will simply not show up in the surveys! The employment in the construction sector increased by 30,000 jobs. Health care jobs increased by 45,000. Federal jobs were decreased by 3,000. Local government jobs decreased by 14,000. The average earnings increased by 7 cents to $23.73 per hour. The average work week came in at 34.5 hours.

The US Institute for Supply Management Index for Non-Manufacturing business increased to 56.1 in December while the previous reading was 54.7. Of course, any number over 50 points to expansion. The new orders portion of the report increased to 59.3 from 58.1. The business activity portion decreased to 60.3 from 61.2 in the previous reading. The employment index portion increased to 56.3 while the previous reading was 50.3.

US Factory Orders increased $211 million to $477.65 billion. The automobile orders increased by 2.8 % while the civilian aircraft orders decreased 13.8 %. Excluding defense, factory orders increased 0.1 %.

Thursday, the US Initial Jobless Claims is forecast at 362,000 while the previous reading was 372,000. US Wholesale Trade is forecast at 0.3 % while the previous reading was at 0.6 %. Friday, the US International Trade is forecast at -$41.1 billion while the previous reading was -$42.2 billion( Carepage Profile ) . The US Import Prices is forecast at 0.1 % while the previous reading was -0.9 %. The US Export Prices is forecast at -0.1 % while the previous reading was -0.7 %. US Treasury Budget is forecast at – $20.0 billion for December while the previous reading was – $172.1 billion.

The Japanese investors may double their Gold pension investment to 100 billion yen by 2015 to counter a higher inflation target. India, on the other hand is seeking further import deductions to weaken Gold imports. Gold is an emotional market that needs confidence to move it. Once some heavy buying from Asia comes in, the speculators may join in. Analysts have targets for Gold between $1700 and $2000 typically. 2013 may be a year of moderate inflation and recovery. The stock market may not have stellar earnings coming in. The Gold may yet have its day!

The hard support now remains at $1627.90! If the Gold can breach $1693.10, it may get some traction to head to higher ground. There is still a concern that if $1627.90 is violated that $1538.70 may be a downside target.



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