Why and How to Re-design Your Website

After having a business website for 5 or more years now, you’re in a position to answer an important question: How do you feel about your website looks, and how well does it function? Website design concepts are constantly changing. New design style and great features of website are updated day by day. Therefore, many organizations re-design their websites to keep them up-to-date. In this article, I will point out some main reasons that why organizations should re-design their business website; and how to well done with the process .


In the past, website owners just used their site to show information. When online shopping appears, website becomes the best tool to sell many products. Expending of the internet leads to millions of website running on the internet today. Nowadays, people have lots of chances to select the best site; this is the reason why the website owners need to redesign their website to draw attention from viewers. Below are main benefits you may get when you decide to re-design the website:

– Increase customer confidence
– Increase customer referrals
– Increase Return on Investment (ROI)
– Increase sales


First, you should contact a few professional web design firms for web design quotes. After going over your current website, these web design firms should be able to provide quotes on how much it cost to custom re-design your website with HTML5 code. Try not to only shop for price when selecting a web design firm. You often “get what you pay for” and in the end, if you have to re-do your website in 3 months because it was done on the cheap, you could end up wasting more of your time, and money. You should look for mid-range web design prices and avoid over-charging web design companies that have provided you with extremely high priced quotes.

Second, after your website is re-designed, try to establish a mobile version of your website. Although your computer-version website will display on mobile devices, you need to make your site more user-friendly for the mobile users. Since the screens on mobile devices are much smaller than those on the computers, you need to design different layouts of your webpages to take full advantage of the space you have on mobile screens. The layouts should be creative and smart to help you communicate your main messages effectively to the customers on mobile devices. In the last couple years, mobile web traffic has grown bigger and faster than ever before; thus, your investment in a mobile website may be THE wisest investment you make this year.

Third, build social media webpages for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus. They will help spread the word about your business fast, far, and free of charge. Overall, to stay visible in front of your customers in today’s competitive environment, you need to keep your website up-to-date and user friendly for today’s highly mobile consumers.

All in all, redesigning your web with guide lines above will make your site friendly to all search engines, and impressive with visitors. Remember that best way to get people link to your website is to provide useful and meaningful content. Redesigning your web and displaying the best content will place your site on the top; and more visitors will come to your site. If your budget is limited and you concern about the web design cost, then you should search for web design companies who are comfortable listing their web design prices right on the website (these companies usually offer fair prices for website design). This will let you compare their work hourly rates and work quality (from their portfolio pages) among those web design companies.