How to Design Responsive Web Design Using Joomla

Welcome Back! Are you looking for the course “how to design responsive website with Joomla?” If so, I would like to suggest to you one of value course below:

I just found a helpful course from JenKramer. She make this course to shows how to use Joomla! to build a website from scratch—all without a single line of code. Discover how to create and organize web content, add menus and sidebars, change the look of the site with templates, control who creates and edits content, and much more – Of course, we can do all these things by Joomla. This document also let you know how to evaluate the quality of extensions, all plugins, and templates and how to download and install them. Besides, JenKaramer emphasizes the importance of backing up your source code! and then explains how to create and store those backups.
let me Summary main Topics include:

  • Learn About What is Joomla!?
    Completing Joomla! check out how to install
    Planning your website, get the plan for your site
    Learn how to Organize content in Joomla!
    check out Creating categories, articles, and menus
    see how to format text and images
    Learn about the best method to use modules and components
    See how to Identify and install good-quality third-party extensions and templates
    Tips about Supporting multiple languages with Joomla!
    control users right and their permissions
    Change templates looking
    Set live & Launching your site

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19 Web design trends for 2018

Hey there! I would like to share one of value article that I just pointed out today. The web isn’t a static medium. Despite the enduring beauty and truth of pieces like Justin Jackson’s “This is a web page,” the web allows for so much more than just printing words on a page. And if McLuhan’s famous adage holds any water, that means that at least some of the web’s message — its meaning — lies in its capacity for motion and interactivity: the ability for a web page to not simply present us with information, but to make that information move and, more importantly, to allow us to interact with and impact that information.

Discover the web design trends, techniques, and tools that will define website and digital product design in 2018 — and beyond. read more at:

Learn About How Can The Digital Wave Raise Your Profits

ProWeb365 just released new value article about how can the digital wave raise your profits. A growing bottom line or net earnings is always on the wish list of all business owners. The principles are simple: either increase sales or decrease costs. And today’s internet magic can help you do both by taking advantage of proven tools to attract profitable traffic. Read on to find out how.
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Helpful Question: Can My Business Compete Without A Professional Website?

The benefits of having a website might sound like a broken record to you. In fact, in less than one second, Google can give you 396 million results regarding this topic. But what if you don’t have a website or maybe you have a basic site which your part-timer updates once every blue moon? What impact will this have on your business? This article will give you the answer.

Let’s start with some statistics from a 2016 survey by Clutch on 350 small businesses in the U.S.:

– If you are operating without a website, your business belongs to the greater half of the small business population (52%).
– Your website is updated once a year? You have membership in a community of nearly a fourth (23%) of all small businesses.
– Suppose you have a website. There’s a great chance that you might be among the 97% of small businesses with an ineffective website.
– Last, but not least, you may identify with 94% of small businesses if your site doesn’t work on mobile devices.

It seems like a business without a website is not such an odd occurrence after all. Should you feel safe and continue ignoring the perks of having a website? Absolutely not.

Here are 4 good reasons why it’s important to have a professional website.
1. So you don’t lose potential customers

2. So you don’t lose current customers

3. So your investment will promote greater success and profits

4. So your website can be a top-performer for your company

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5 Clues For Finding An Exceptional Web Designer

We can’t blame business owners for choosing such providers because most of them don’t understand the difference between professional website designs and the more sketchy designs. Plus, the low prices and technical promo jargons sound attractive and beneficial to an average consumer. That said, to help customers avoid this common mistake, here are the things you should look for in a qualified web design provider:

How to Design Responsive Web Design Using Joomla

Developing responsive websites is a necessity these days so that users can have an optimal viewing experience. Through responsive design you can read the website easily, navigate easily with minimum scrolling across all devices from mobile phones to tabs and desktop computers. So how does responsive design relate to Joomla? Can responsive websites be developed using Joomla?

When a website is responsive, the content or the layout of the webpage adjusts itself to the screen size on which it is being displayed. The screen size is wide in case of a laptop or a desktop computer and quite small in case of a mobile phone or a tablet. The webpage may look slightly different in different screens but not annoying where you have read tiny text and scroll in different directions to view the entire page. So using the @media queries within the website makes the website layout responsive. The @media query finds out the size of the device on which it is being displayed.

The responsive design trend started very recently in 2011 according to Google trends. Users want the website to look the same on a Galaxy, Apple device or a laptop. If the website is not responsive, users look elsewhere and you may lose your customers.

Joomla responsive design is very new and many developers are using it. Joomla development companies are aware of the importance of responsive design and creating new templates that are responsive. As a web designer, or a template designer or an extension developer, you need to consider this trend as it is catching up very fast. You need to understand how it works. There are Joomla development services where you can also hire Joomla developers to make your job easy.

Most of the newly developed templates available in Joomla are responsive. Most of the Joomla extensions are also responsive, especially those involving media and images.

Using the services offered by Joomla development companies you can make your existing websites responsive. This is usually possible if you have a simple site and there are not too many extensions within the site. So before deciding on making your site responsive you need to check the number of extensions you are using and whether these extensions will cause any trouble if you make your site responsive. Sometimes images and media files used in plugins do not adjust to the changed screen size. All plugins do not support responsive design. Hence if you are looking for developing a responsive Joomla site, all the plugins that are used within that site should be responsive. So even if your layout is responsive and the extension is not responsive, the layout will get adjusted to the screen size but the images used within the extension will look distorted.


Benefits of a Professionally Web Design

Today, people always go online to compare and learn about the products/services they need before making the purchase online or offline.  The consumers also expect all businesses to have a website; thus, it is important to bring your business online and market your products/services effectively to your targeted customers. A good web designer or a website designing firm can offer a number of benefits to a website owner. In my point of view, a skillful  website design:

– Is presentable, functional, responsive, easy to navigate and designed to meet your requirements and targets.These are definitely the first impressions for a visitor that can result in the best impression and a fruitful client-customer relationship in the future. Remember a website owner typically intends to drive quality traffic, generate sales and earn profits. With a professionally done website, achieving these is a lot more easier and definitely possible.

–  Can create a wonderful visual language that will help drive more traffic to your site while also increasing customer engagement and luring visitors to click on your call of action to buy your product/service. In short, with your positives and expertise highlighted, a visitor is clearer about your intentions, what you do, what you are good at and what you are directing him/her to do.

–  Uses logo, menus, sub-menus and social media profiles, fonts and colour scheme in the best possible way, while giving an aligned structure and placing the call for action button in the most suitable position. This not only matters a lot in terms of present ability, readability and functionality of a website but are also some of the nuances that help in pulling free traffic to your site and converting leads to real customers.

– Gives a professional touch to your website, which aids in building your identity and consistent brand online.

– Gives a distinction or uniqueness when compared to your competitors.

– Is search-engine friendly.

– Has less bug problems, is viewable across a number of browsers and reduces your maintenance time.

–  often price fairly which enable you to compare web design price among other providers. One word of advice: Do NOT let “lowest price” be the only criteria in your decision; instead, try to go for the “midrange prices” because it will help you avoid the mistake that many people made and learned the hard way like the old saying: “What you paid is what you get”

All the above benefits are things that a regular person, with limited web designing knowledge is not able to achieve to its optimum and also the reason why many bloggers and small time businesses suffer from reaching their targets.