ProWeb365: Five Ways That A Customized Website Will Benefit Your Business

As the Internet becomes increasingly popular among users of all demographics, it is not unusual for a customer to research a business online before investing in their products and services. Many consumers put times and efforts into gathering information about a variety of businesses before making their final selection, and as a business owner, this trend places a great deal of pressure on potential customers’ first impression of your website. An out-of-date or poorly designed website will likely make customers think that your business might perform poorly as well. Investing in a custom-designed website created by a professional web design firm is a great way to ensure that your business makes the best impression it can. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve outlined 5 reasons why investing in a professionally designed website will benefit your business:

1. A professionally designed website will help express your business’ individuality. When businesses attempt to create a website for their organization by themselves, they often tend to choose from a selection of pre-designed templates. These templates, while functional, can be used by countless other businesses as well, causing customers to see your site as “one of the many.” Skilled web designers can customize your site to look and feel as unique as the products and services you provide. Don’t underestimate the importance of standing out from the crowd, and be sure to invest in a website that draws potential customers in at first sight.

2. A team of experienced web designers can help enhance your site’s appearance. Everyone who has searched the Internet has encountered sites that give off an incredibly unfinished feel, whether it is the flash graphic(s) they use or the jumbled organization of the site. Your business’ website should look polished and qualified, which shows that you both care about user’s experiences with your business and that you are capable of providing an excellent service both off and online. Paying attention to the details of every aspect of your website is a great way to show customers that you take your business and services seriously.

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ProWeb365: Why you should choose Drupal as your organization’s CMS platform

For many business owners seeking to build a website for their organization, trying to choose a CMS platform can feel overwhelming. Between WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more, it can be difficult to know where to start when selecting a CMS. While the best CMS platform for your business depends on what kind of website you are looking for, Drupal is quickly becoming a popular and trusted CMS option.

Whether in flexibility or customization capabilities, Drupal is the best CMS platform option for businesses seeking to build an organizational website. We’ve compiled a list of reasons to illustrate how and why Drupal is the best choice.

But before we get started, you might be wondering, what exactly is CMS?

CMS stands for content management system, which is used to manage content on informational sites, social media sites, member sites, intranets, web applications and more. Drupal functions a bit differently than the average CMS, as it is a platform that combines modules to provide a CMS system that is tailored to meet your business’ exact needs.

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ProWeb365: 7 Step to Optimize and Promote Your Website

With limited budgets, small businesses often don’t know how, or where, to promote their website so it’s visible to locals, at a low cost. In this article I will share seven steps to help you do exactly this

First, position your phone and email address at a prominent location(s) on your website and highlight it, so viewers can see this information easily. It should be REALLY convenient for customers to contact you if they have any questions.

Second, display your business address and hours on the bottom of your website or on your Contact Us page to let viewers, and search engines know exactly where your business is located.

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How to Design Responsive Web Design Using Joomla

Developing responsive websites is a necessity these days so that users can have an optimal viewing experience. Through responsive design you can read the website easily, navigate easily with minimum scrolling across all devices from mobile phones to tabs and desktop computers. So how does responsive design relate to Joomla? Can responsive websites be developed using Joomla?

When a website is responsive, the content or the layout of the webpage adjusts itself to the screen size on which it is being displayed. The screen size is wide in case of a laptop or a desktop computer and quite small in case of a mobile phone or a tablet. The webpage may look slightly different in different screens but not annoying where you have read tiny text and scroll in different directions to view the entire page. So using the @media queries within the website makes the website layout responsive. The @media query finds out the size of the device on which it is being displayed.

The responsive design trend started very recently in 2011 according to Google trends. Users want the website to look the same on a Galaxy, Apple device or a laptop. If the website is not responsive, users look elsewhere and you may lose your customers.

Joomla responsive design is very new and many developers are using it. Joomla development companies are aware of the importance of responsive design and creating new templates that are responsive. As a web designer, or a template designer or an extension developer, you need to consider this trend as it is catching up very fast. You need to understand how it works. There are Joomla development services where you can also hire Joomla developers to make your job easy.

Most of the newly developed templates available in Joomla are responsive. Most of the Joomla extensions are also responsive, especially those involving media and images.

Using the services offered by Joomla development companies you can make your existing websites responsive. This is usually possible if you have a simple site and there are not too many extensions within the site. So before deciding on making your site responsive you need to check the number of extensions you are using and whether these extensions will cause any trouble if you make your site responsive. Sometimes images and media files used in plugins do not adjust to the changed screen size. All plugins do not support responsive design. Hence if you are looking for developing a responsive Joomla site, all the plugins that are used within that site should be responsive. So even if your layout is responsive and the extension is not responsive, the layout will get adjusted to the screen size but the images used within the extension will look distorted.


Proweb365: Why Custom Website Design Is a Wise Business Investment?

Have you ever tailored your own suit to save a quick buck? No? That’s because you would be crazy to stitch up an article of clothing worth hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, not using a tailor at all would be just as irresponsible of a decision; that department store jacket with too-long arms and a saggy back will never look as sharp as one that is custom-fit. Just as that suit is how you present yourself in meetings with possible investors; your website is how you present your company and brand to the public. Designing a website without any experience or using a cookie-cutter template will never suffice for representing your business on the internet.

Professionals lay the foundation for your home, represent your business in legal matters, repair your car, and provide childcare for your family. Perhaps you have the ability to do these services for yourself, but you are simply too busy. Or maybe you lack the necessary skills, and you hire professionals to compensate for that. Either way, you rely on professional services to provide skills and expertise in the matters most important to you. Web design is no different from these services because only the professionals can provide the quality service necessary to properly brand your website.

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Proweb365: The Changes in Consumer Behavior Caused By Higher Fuel Prices and Cheaper Mobile Devices

 The past few years have seen climbing fuel prices cause consumers to tighten budgets and adapt spending habits. For some, this means spending less. But for many others, it means spending differently. Businesses need to be aware of these changes in consumer behavior in order to successfully adapt their marketing strategies to maintain their relationship with customers.

Consumers have cited fuel and energy prices as top factors in budget planning and spending decisions. As higher gas prices make each trip more and more expensive, consumers are finding creative ways to limit their trip to the pump. These include consolidating shopping trips and cutting back on unnecessary outings. As people turn to the online marketplace more than ever, Internet marketing has become a crucial component of a businesses’ overall marketing solution.

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Why and How to Re-design Your Website

After having a business website for 5 or more years now, you’re in a position to answer an important question: How do you feel about your website looks, and how well does it function? Website design concepts are constantly changing. New design style and great features of website are updated day by day. Therefore, many organizations re-design their websites to keep them up-to-date. In this article, I will point out some main reasons that why organizations should re-design their business website; and how to well done with the process .


In the past, website owners just used their site to show information. When online shopping appears, website becomes the best tool to sell many products. Expending of the internet leads to millions of website running on the internet today. Nowadays, people have lots of chances to select the best site; this is the reason why the website owners need to redesign their website to draw attention from viewers. Below are main benefits you may get when you decide to re-design the website:

– Increase customer confidence
– Increase customer referrals
– Increase Return on Investment (ROI)
– Increase sales


First, you should contact a few professional web design firms for web design quotes. After going over your current website, these web design firms should be able to provide quotes on how much it cost to custom re-design your website with HTML5 code. Try not to only shop for price when selecting a web design firm. You often “get what you pay for” and in the end, if you have to re-do your website in 3 months because it was done on the cheap, you could end up wasting more of your time, and money. You should look for mid-range web design prices and avoid over-charging web design companies that have provided you with extremely high priced quotes.

Second, after your website is re-designed, try to establish a mobile version of your website. Although your computer-version website will display on mobile devices, you need to make your site more user-friendly for the mobile users. Since the screens on mobile devices are much smaller than those on the computers, you need to design different layouts of your webpages to take full advantage of the space you have on mobile screens. The layouts should be creative and smart to help you communicate your main messages effectively to the customers on mobile devices. In the last couple years, mobile web traffic has grown bigger and faster than ever before; thus, your investment in a mobile website may be THE wisest investment you make this year.

Third, build social media webpages for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google Plus. They will help spread the word about your business fast, far, and free of charge. Overall, to stay visible in front of your customers in today’s competitive environment, you need to keep your website up-to-date and user friendly for today’s highly mobile consumers.

All in all, redesigning your web with guide lines above will make your site friendly to all search engines, and impressive with visitors. Remember that best way to get people link to your website is to provide useful and meaningful content. Redesigning your web and displaying the best content will place your site on the top; and more visitors will come to your site. If your budget is limited and you concern about the web design cost, then you should search for web design companies who are comfortable listing their web design prices right on the website (these companies usually offer fair prices for website design). This will let you compare their work hourly rates and work quality (from their portfolio pages) among those web design companies.